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GOP Mega-Donor: Rape Victims Need to Stop Getting Satisfaction from Telling Their Stories

A YouTube sex hypnotherapist is sinking big money into the Oregon race to help Republicans cinch a Senate seat. A member of one of the wealthiest conservative families in the country, Loren Parks hopes having another Republican in Congress will be worth the high price tag.

So, he and a number of other GOP mega-donors have shelled out huge sums on Monica Wehby, a Portland doctor and newcomer to the political scene. In fact, they have fueled so much money in the GOP’s candidate’s campaign coffers and attack ads that she plans on skipping a televised debate and has generally avoided the local press  altogether.

As a result, despite having no political experience, Wehby has managed to be the top candidate for this month’s election.

The strategy of dumping huge amounts of cash into small states to pave the way for candidates is nothing new. “You could dump money here which would be insignificant in some races, but not in Oregon,” Len Bergstein told Mother Jones about the political strategy. “And I’m sure there’s some Republican gnome somewhere in a basement in Virginia figuring out that for X amount of money, hey, we could have a pickup here.”

Yet, while the idea of rich outsiders swaying elections in small states may be simply viewed as a blight of modern day politics, the rich hypnotherapist behind this election payoff should raise more than a few eyebrows.

Mega-donor Loren Parks is a controversial figure who hosts a YouTube series where he claims he can heal sexual dysfunction in women via hypnotherapy.

In one video, he has gone so far as to say he can even heal women from rape, if only they would just stop owning their story and talking about it.

During one of his video-taped ‘sessions’ he accuses survivors of rape of holding on to their trauma because they are “getting mileage out of it… you’re getting status, satisfaction from telling your story again and again.”

He then said his hypnotherapy can help the women disconnect “from all the emotional upset related to the incest or rape experience that you totally want to get rid of.”

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