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How Michele Bachmann Linked Eugenics, African-American Genocide to the Planned Woman’s History Museum

On Wednesday, Michele Bachmann took to the House floor to oppose the National Women’s History Museum in a bizarre rant that linked the proposed National Mall addition to eugenics and African-American genocide.

“I rise today in opposition to this bill because I believe ultimately this museum — that will be built on the National Mall on federal land — will enshrine the radical feminist movement that stands against the pro-life movement, the pro-family movement and the pro-traditional marriage movement,” she said with a dramatic flair, during a debate on whether or not the House should appoint a commission to study plans for the proposed museum.

She then said the museum would not only serve to enshrine liberals and women who have embraced a “radical feminism,” but would make these radicals role models for young girls.

“Among the most troubling examples is the museum’s glowing review of the woman who embraced [the] eugenics movement in the United States, Margaret Sanger,” Bachmann explained, pointing to a feature on Sanger on the proposed museum’s site. “She’s an abortion trailblazer, and she is the founder of Planned Parenthood, which this body has sought to defund.”

She then hinted at a widely debunked conservative theory that Planned Parenthood, and its founder Margaret Sanger, was actually trying to kill off the African-American community by giving women choices over their own reproductive lives and health.

“The museum glosses over Margaret Sanger’s avid support for sterilization of women and abortion, and for the elimination of chosen ethic groups, particularly African-Americans, and classes of people,” Bachmann said, unswayed by the lack of actual evidence for her spurious claims.

Not surprisingly, Bachmann’s rant closely echoes Fox News’ report own recent report on the  planned museum, which quoted Penny Nance, President and CEO of Concerned Women for America. as saying, “currently this project has a board overwhelmingly pro-abortion and leftist in their leanings,”  and likewise pointing to the likely inclusion of Sanger as a sign the project is off to a left-leaning, abortion-loving start.

Photo Credit: Margaret Sanger/NWHM

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