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Texas Republican Turns Frozen Tune Into Worst Political Ad Ever (VIDEO)

Forced rhymes and horrible production values are just two of the reasons Texas Lieutenant Gov. David Dewhurst’s 90 second political ad will likely rank among the worst political spots of all time. The biggest reason of all, though, is the Disney tune -turned -political ballad  somehow cruised right past campy and right into just plain sucks.

Set to the tune “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen, the spot is truly just a 90-second attack on opponent Dan Patrick with an overlay of Disney and bad animation.

“Won’t let them in, won’t let them see that I’m a phony disc jockey,” the cartoonish ‘Patrick’, who may be wearing a skirt, croons in a show tune style voice, a jab at his radio past. “I’ll try to lie, why should they know? Well now they know.”

The ad also features a shirtless, cowboy-hat wearing Patrick having his body painted by bikini-clad girls to jab at the Democrat candidate, but fails to mention that the picture was action taken at an event to support children with disabilities.

Titled, “The Ballad of Dannie Goeb,” the ad also points out that Patrick was not born with the name Dan Patrick, and hints that he changed his name to hide his financially suspect and ruffled shirt wearing past.

“I changed my name to cover my past, to cover my bankruptcy,” a cartoon version of ‘Patrick’ sings in the ad. “Now the voters know my secrets, they know I had unpaid tax liens.”

The bizarre attack ad  is just the latest jab in a bitter campaign between Dewhurst and Patrick in their race for Texas Lieutenant Governor.

Just last week, Dewhurst launched another troublesome ad also showing a shirtless Patrick, leading to the two candidates to square off in a contentious debate.

“Why did you keep running that ad for five days after you knew it was wrong?” Patrick asked Dewhurst, who was widely criticized for misrepresenting Patrick’s much-younger shirtless charity act in that ad.

For his part, Dewhurst maintains Patrick is the real liar and deceiver in the race.

“This goes to whether or not this man is fit to be your lieutenant governor, and I submit he is not because this man continually lies,” Dewhurst responded, citing his opponent’s “pattern of deceitfulness.”

Dewhurst is currently way behind in the polls.


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