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Kiddie Hate? Hamas-Run TV Show Encourages Tots to Kill Jews

A television show recently ran a tutorial on Jew-bashing for tots.

Pioneers of Tomorrow, a Palestinian show on Hamas’ state-run Al Aqsa TV station, has a history of vilifying Jews and glorifying martyrdom using cartoonish characters to draw young children into their hate-filled rants.

During the May 2 episode about ‘neighbors’ rights’, the children’s show  even offered a tutorial on violence against Jews, including praising a very young girl’s plans to grow up to kill them all.

A child host named Rawan asks the little girl why she wants to be a police officer when she grows up. The tiny tot responds because she wants to be like her Uncle, Ahmed, and “So, I can shoot Jews.” Then, when Rawan if she wants to shoot all the Jews, the little girl replies ,”Yes” and then is praised by the host for her violent anti-Jewish remark.

Earlier in the same show, a little boy is also encouraged by a costumed bee character named Nabul to punch and throw rocks at Jews.

The boy, who called-in to the show, is first asked if there are Jews around where he is. When he says not right now, he is encouraged to make a fist when he sees them, “and when they come to you punch them, make their face red like a tomato,” or to pick up the rock and stone them.

Rawan then agrees that the boy must respond with violence “if his neighbors are Zionists and Jews.”

According to scientist Jerry Coyne, this type of hate-filled rhetoric is especially dangerous since it is targeting the very young. “This indoctrination just propagates the hatred that makes peace impossible. Remember, too, that Hamas’s charter mandates the complete elimination of Israel,” he stressed.

Palestinian Media Watch, which translated the segment, also pointed out that the shocking promotion of violence is business as usual for the propaganda kiddie show, which regularly uses “sweet puppets” to promote hate to preschoolers and push their anti-Israel agenda.

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