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Right-Wing Craziness: The Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden Was Marijuana

Marijuana has been a forbidden herb since the beginning of time, according to right-wing pastor and radio host Gordon Klingenschmitt.

Responding to so-called “pot hippies” who think the natural drug may be okay because God gave humans every seed-bearing herb, Klingenschmitt advised his radio audience last week that perhaps marijuana was actually the forbidden fruit of Genesis.

“There are certain weeds in the garden, even in the Garden of Eden, that were forbidden by God,” Klingenschmitt said, using his unique brand of biblical eisegesis to advise his listeners that the when Eve takes a bite it does not actually say ‘apple’.

He then continued, no doubt hoping that his readers could not read the Hebrew that clearly proves he is wrong, that instead of ‘apple’ the Bible uses “the word ‘forbidden weed.'”

Failing to reconcile how he managed to get ‘forbidden weed’ from the fruit that comes from a tree described in Genesis 3:6, he further explained how according to him, this means God does not allow potheads in the kingdom of heaven.

“So here’s my hypothesis,” Klingenschmitt said, spouting a theory even he had a hard time taking serious.  “Maybe it was marijuana! … How do you know that the serpent didn’t give pot to Eve and say ‘go ahead, and the day that you eat this, you’re not going to die.’ The fact is, you are going to die.”

Whether he knew it or not, Klingenschmitt’s anti-marijuana theory actually gives credence to a well-known “pot hippie” and guru of psychedelics. Up until the ’90’s, Terrence McKenna pretty much said the same think about Genesis although he came to a much different conclusion than the radio preacher.

Instead of thinking God said drugs were bad, McKenna thought all religion started off as one great big, giant trip.

“What I think happened is that in the world of prehistory all religion was experiential, and it was based on the pursuit of ecstasy through plants,” McKenna said before his death in 2000.

Like Klingenschmitt, ‘hippie’ McKenna also staked his claims on the fact Eve had ingested a psychoactive drug, although he thought it was most likely a mushroom, not pot, perhaps because the Genesis makes no mention of post-forbidden fruit munchies in the account.

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  • Shawn Bruffett

    The Only Dope here is Klingenschmitt. Here’s a theory for Him…

    The Forbidden Fruit of the Tree of Life/Knowledge wasn’t an Actual Fruit/Plant/Tree at all. The Forbidden Fruit that Eve Tempted Adam with was Her Downstairs, Female Parts.

    Let Me Explain… Eve was tempted by the “Serpent” (Adam’s Penis) to Seduce Adam to Partake of “The Fruit” of the Tree of Life or Knowledge depending on the Translation. When viewed in Diagram form it Completely Makes Sense how Eve’s Reproductive Organs form “The Tree” The Vaginal Canal forms the Trunk, the Fallopian Tubes are the Branches, with the Ovaries being “The Fruit”.

    Why would Adam and Eve be Ashamed of Their “Nakedness” and Cover Their Bodies for Eating a Piece of Fruit? It makes Absolutely No Sense. Just like it makes No Sense for God to “Curse Eve” with Menstrual Cramps, Bleeding, and Childbirth for Eating a Piece of Fruit. However it Makes COMPLETE SENSE that All of Those Things Are the Direct Result of Sexual Intercourse between a Male an Female.

    Come On People, Think About It…

    • dacr555

      What? Wait a minute. What? God must have been a republican then for all the flip-flopping God did. I don’t take the bible at face value – BUT…..if you do…..how can sexual intercourse have been the “sin” that was forbidden by God on pain of being cast out of the garden of eden and inflicted with (notice the burden here falls on the woman) menstrual cramps, bleeding and childbirth (what did the man suffer?)? While out of the other side of his mouth (Genesis 1:28 I believe) God says “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth………” How do you be fruitful and multiply without sexual intercourse?