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‘White Power’ Signs Found Posted in Minority Colorado Neighborhood

Residents in a predominately Hispanic Colorado neighborhood recently woke up to find racist fliers posted on their streets.

Police responded to the Highland section of Denver after local residents reported that fliers with white supremacist messages were found near their homes.

One computer-printed flier read, “This neighborhood belongs to the whites now,” another one “Get rid of the poor Hispanics,” and “White Power.”

Denver Police Commander Paul Pazen said that fliers were clearly meant to provoke the residents in a the largely minority neighborhood, “This is meant to incite people is what it appears is the intent of the person posting this,” he said in an interview with the local news.

He also explained that while the posters actions were vile, the only actual crime committed was posting without city permission, since the racist content is a matter of free speech.

“When we specifically target an individual, make threats to persons, that’s when it crosses the line from free speech to a criminal violation,” Pazen said.

Local residents responded to the fliers by calling out the anonymous poster out as a racist and demanding that s/he does not represent them.

“The majority of people don’t feel that way,” Cory Burgas stressed. “It’s upsetting we can’t just live together in peace and people are making a big deal out of it (diversity).”

Resident Margarita Fierro added, “People shouldn’t be like that. I love everybody, no matter what color you are.”

The racist fliers come at a time when the people of Denver are still reeling from another hateful act.  Just a few days before the white power fliers appeared,  an elderly woman was targeted with racist letters in another section of town.

Speaking of the crime against elderly women, Pazen said the police “looked into that absolutely,” but does not believe at this time the two hate-acts are related.

Police are currently examining the fliers to see if they can track down the hateful poster.


Photo Credit: Screenshot/Fox31 Denver

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