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Christian Post Blogger: ‘Hey Obama! It’s Not Climate Change, The End is Near’

Christian blogger Michael Bresciani thinks President Obama and his just-released climate change report is dead wrong. The weather changes being experienced across America are not the result of global warming. The apocalypse is near.

“All that the bible reveals about climate changed is part of the pre-millennial prophetic message,” Bresciani said in his Christian Post essay, sounding a lot like fellow climate change denier Pat Robertson.  “It does say that earthquakes and violent storms, fires and other natural disasters will occur with greater intensity and frequency as the ‘last days’ approach, but it clearly says these are ‘birth pangs’ for a planet about to meet its creator. It does not attribute any of these portents to global warming or a man-made global carbon footprint – sorry.”

Bresciani also stressed we are bringing on the current global crisis ourselves, not by consuming too many dirty fuels or polluting the planet, but because we are into perverted pleasures like homosexuality and all things liberal.

“The second coming of Christ is not precipitated by the heating up of the planet, but by the burning desire of men to live in unbridled perversion and sin,” he preached with his pen. “The world’s last dictator does not spring on an unsuspecting world just going about its business as usual, he comes on the wings of a new intense penchant for everything perverted, liberal and dehumanizing being accepted across the globe.”

He then concluded what will bring the end of the world is our penchant for “homosexuality, abortion, general sexual preoccupation and sleazy self-serving politics,” adding when our liberal sins hasten the end of the planet, “Global warming will be the least of our worries,” considering the anti-Christ will be in charge.

He then told the President that his report, compiled with 300 experts across the country over a three-year period and using statistical data, simply got it wrong.

“Sorry Mr. Obama, your facts are fallacy and the subject of climate change is also above your pay grade,” Bresciani said mocking the White House’s climate change report.

Photo Credit: Christian Post

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  • Terry Miller

    I cant understand why these fake christians don’t just off themselves and avoid the rush…

  • dacr555

    Hahahahahah? “Mythical heat trapping carbon gas”? Where do these people come from? I think you should have to pass a literacy test if you want to read the bible.

  • Seth Little

    I’m a Christian, and I’m not exactly sure what to believe about eschatological prophecies. But it seems to me that there needn’t be a sense of mutual exclusion between biblical signs and natural causes. Couldn’t human-induced climate change and subsequent global risk function as God’s will-work enacting divine intentions, at least from a Christian’s perspective? The same principle can apply with regard to origins: couldn’t God have created the world through natural, even evolutionary processes?
    And while I sympathize with calls to embrace certain modes of biblically informed individual morality, I cannot help but see the glaring gaps in many such calls. If climate change is as immanent and ominous as reported, the corporate actions of humanity that contribute to it must also be understood as sinful.