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Sandy Hook Truthers Demand School Shooting Never Happened, Kids Don’t Exist

This month, at a Newtown school board meeting, a group of conspiracy theorists took to the mike to demand the ‘truth’ about the Sandy Hook school shooting and claim that the real events on that tragic day have been covered up.

Most responded in silence to their rants, choosing to ignore the troublemakers. One resident, Jim Fitzpatrick, though, had this to say.

“It’s a shame to see this circus come to town, and I’m offended by the people who have come, and these conspiracy theories,” Patrick said in response to the barrage of questions about the deadly school shooting. “Newtown has conducted itself wonderfully.”

Now it seems the Sandy Hook truthers may have taken things too far – stealing a memorial sign for a little girl and calling her mother to claim the girl never existed at all.

A person claiming to a be a truther stole a vinyl sign celebrating the life of one young victim, Grace McDonnell, and even called the little girl’s mom to rant that he believed that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax and little Grace “never existed.”

The event follows a similar incident at another memorial playground for a Sandy Hook victim the week before when a sign at the Ana Marquez Greene Memorial playground was vandalized.

Both signs will be replaced.

In the days since Adam Lanza opened fire on a group of elementary students, killing both children and staff, a number of nut job theories about what really happened at Sandy Hook have floated around the internet.

One, that was backed by Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracey which demands the people interviewed after the attack were really “crisis actors,” hired to tell lies to the public after the shooting.

Another points to a supposed social security administration error to ‘prove’ Adam Lanza actually died the day before the shooting and that emotional memorial sites were already set-up prior to the shooting, making it ‘obvious’ the whole thing was a hoax.

The damage to the little girls’ signs, however, was the first time the group resorted to crime to get their conspiracy message across in the still-hurting community.

“We are going to keep moving forward,” said MaryKate Lavin, executive director of the Where Angels Play Foundation, a group that built the memorial playground honoring McDonnell said in response to the heinous acts. “This is not going to stop us, but it is heartbreaking.”

Photo Credit: NBC Connecticut

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