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11-Year-Old Shoots Granny Over Bad Report Card

An Oklahoma woman is recovering after her 11-year-old grandson opened fire on her over a bad report card.

Annie Mougell-Walker is in a neck brace and still has the .22 caliber bullet lodged in her head from the incident, which police say started when the preteen did not want his grandma to open to read the note his school had sent home.

“He brought home some sort of progress report,”  Officer Jillian Roberson said. “She begins to read it and he clearly knows what it says, and it’s not in favor of him.”

The teen then ran into his grandma’s room where she kept a gun, grabbed it and opened fire on the woman, shooting her in the head.

Initially, Mougell-Walker denied that her grandson was responsible for the shooting and told police an intruder had committed the crime, but she finally relented and told what really went on that day.

“He got in trouble today at school, so when I got home I was gonna talk to him furthermore about it,” the grandmother finally recalled. “Before I could talk to him all I saw was a big bang of a flash and heard it, and I knew I was shot in the back of my head.”

Despite being wounded, the grandma was able to call 911. At the hospital, she was treated for her injuries, but doctors were unable to remove the bullet that is lodged in her head and could have easily killed her.

Neighbors say they are shocked that such a thing could happen in their community, especially when Mougell-Walker cared for the boy for so long.

“I think it’s really crazy for a child to shoot their own [grand] mom,” family friend Felicia Sykes said, emphasizing Mougell-Walker’s role as the boy’s primary caregiver.

The boy is now in police custody and has been charged with shooting with the intent to kill. Mougell-Walker is recovering at home.

Photo Credit: Newsat6

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