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Right-Wing Blogger: Ghosts of Aborted Children Will Haunt Obama Library

Last week, Christian Post blogger Michael Bresciani warned that President Obama’s new climate change study was mis-information and that real reason we are noticing changing weather patterns is that the end is near.

Now, Bresciani is at it again, this time demanding that President Obama’s future Presidential library will be haunted with the ghosts of millions of aborted kids.

Declaring Obama a gay-enabler who ignores most of the Bible all the time, Bresciani’s hate-filled rant compared Obama’s abortion politics to Vlad the Impaler and claimed the President would ultimately be remembered in history for the vile man that he is.

“What will we put in his presidential library? If someday his real birth certificate is found and a release of his school transcripts is made, they may be on display, but who will come to the library other than a few democrats and liberals and those of the LGBT persuasion? ” the blogger asked.

He then suggested the tourist-empty halls will be haunted, saying is is not hard to “imagine a presidential library haunted by the ghosts of millions of aborted children. They were impaled and worse on the scalpels and devices of doctors no less terrible than Vlad the Impaler.”

Using his Christian Post platform to bash Obama, he also demanded that Obama and the LGBT  fascists are trying to turn America into a North Korea style re-education camp, where the Bible is dismissed and gay-friendly views are preached from the loudspeakers.

Declaring it “time to let the LGBT know this in no uncertain terms,” he also said the pro-gay supporters do not represent most Americans.

“Most of the people in this nation still view homosexuality as a perverse and un-natural lifestyle. We do not need to apologize for this position and we also should refuse to be punished in any way shape or form for our views,” he stressed. “We are judges of evil thoughts when we think rejection of a perverted pop-culture trend is reason to punish those who disagree with it.”

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