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Right-Wing Rant: Skip Impeachment, Put Obama in Jail!

World News Daily is known for its anti-Obama rants. Now the far-right website is claiming that the best bet to get Obama out of office is to put him in jail.

In a column published on Tuesday, right-winger Jack Wheeler called for conservatives to skip the impeachment process and prosecute Obama under the Constitution’s Appropriations Clause.

“There are many barriers to impeachment. First is, you need Congress to do it. The invertebrates who run the GOP don’t have the spine for it. Second, impeachment is merely the indictment, issued by a House majority. That’s a many month-long arduous process,” Wheeler wrote, lobbying against using impeachment to ouster the President for fears the process, which failed to work on the last Democrat in office, would take too long. “The actual trial is held by the Senate. Even if the GOP gains majority this November, it will be nowhere near the 67 votes to convict required by the Constitution.”

He then continued by explaining the best way to get Obama out of office was to prosecute him under federal law for wasting public funds.

“There is a federal law that specifically codifies the power of the purse clauses and provides specific punishment for their violation by any ‘officer or employee of the United States government,'” he explained. “This punishment is ‘suspension from duty without pay or removal from office,’ and up to two years in federal prison.”

He then concluded by calling for all patriots do demand an end to Obama’s presidency by calling for the President to be sent to jail for using treasury funds to “spend gigantic sums on whatever programs he wants or enforcing whatever executive orders he issues.”

“We have the Constitution and the specific federal law to put an end to the tyranny,” Wheeler stressed, rallying the right-wing troops against the White House’s current occupant. “It’s time to go on offense. All patriots now have the opportunity to actively encourage Republican governors to have their state prosecute the president and to help conservative law firms build their case…The Antideficiency Act is the means by which Mr. Obama can be thrown out of office and go to jail,  Let’s use it.”

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