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Concerned Women of America Applaud Closure of University’s Woman’s Studies Department

A pro-LGBT event at the University of South Carolina-Upstate caused a firestorm of controversy and threats by Republican lawmakers to cut off funding to the school.

Now, the right-wing is gloating after the administration bowed to lawmakers by nixing the entire woman’s studies department.

“Congratulations to the University of South Carolina Upstate for having the courage and good sense to eliminate a course of study whose sole purpose is to indoctrinate young women in leftist ideology,” Concerned Women of America’s Penny Nance said in response to the news.

“We applaud the University of South Carolina Upstate (USCU) for closing the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies (CWGS) and allocating those funds to teach America’s founding documents,” she continued. “The decision puts the South Carolina college in compliance with state law requiring those documents be taught and also gives these women a chance at actual employment upon graduation.”

Nance also took time to bash ‘leftist feminists’ who make fun of ‘useful classes’ like Home Economics and said that the dated course was actually far more valuable to teach a young woman than feminist classes with names like “Passages of Appearing: Arendt and the Existential Politics of Transgender Liminality.”

Then, the Concerned Women head could not help but to use the opportunity to poke fun at what the conservative women’s group, as well as Michele Bachmann, have decided is the ultimate shrine for leftist ladies – the National Women’s History Museum currently being planned for the National Mall.

“Good news for those jobless feminists though, there may be a chance at employment on the horizon if the Senate joins the Republican establishment in the House of Representatives to push for the Left’s hopeful shrine to abortion, the National Women’s History Museum,” Nance stressed.

In the meantime, USCU students who say the women’s studies center gave them a voice on campus plan protests to fight for the department to be restored to their school.

“We refuse to sit idly by while our university administrators cave to the pressure of overreaching politicians that ironically live by a small government mantra,” Chase Moetry, who minored in women and gender studies, said, vowing to fight with fellow students to get their program back.

Photo Credit: George Williams (Campus shot-illustrative)

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  • LizDavies

    Interesting that Bachman slams “jobless feminists.” Shouldn’t she be applauding every female who leaves the world of work to males, and stays strictly within the traditional “women’s sphere” of total passivity? I guess she’s caught between that and the right-wing’s reflexive slam against anyone they dislike as being “jobless”… meanwhile, folks like Bachman are female *and* employed, and pretend to have sympathy for people who are out of work. If I ever saw her in person, I suspect my head would start spinning just to keep up with hers!

    • Chris Evans

      If I saw her in person…
      I’d probably be behind bars.

  • Daniel Jacobsen

    Their view point is the only one that matters ….. And they don’t have a problem telling you that to your face as hateful as possible !!!!!!!!

  • dacr555

    What would their job be? Making coffee for their leering christian bosses? Apparently USCU isn’t truly an institution of learning.