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Right This Time Around? New Book Claims to Identify True Zodiac Killer

A new book claims to finger the elusive Zodiac Killer. Yet even with compelling evidence, the chemical cleaning exec turned serial killer sleuth and will have to wait in line behind a number of Zodiac theorists.

Over the years, a number of people have claimed to know who the real Zodiac Killer, who stalked his prey in California in the 1960’s, truly was.

One theory linked a fired elementary school teacher and trampoline coach, Arthur Leigh Allen to the crime. A DNA test failed to connect him with the Zodiac’s letters.

Another accused a man who suffered a brain injury in the 1960’s and according to psychologist’s diagnosis at the time was unable to control self-gratification.

One of the more novel theories linked ‘Unabomber’ Ted Kaczynski to the killing spree, pointing out that the Unabomber lived in the area at the time, had the ability to construct bombs and talked to the media about his crimes. Kacynski was later ruled out when his fingerprints and handwriting did not match.

Now, chemical cleaning exec Gary Stewart thinks he has solved the problem for good, and believes his biological father, Earl Van Best, was responsible for sadistic killing spree in the 1960’s.

“I believe for the first time in the history of this case that I have presented more evidence that has ever been presented on any one suspect,” Stewart told CNN ahead of the launch of his new book, “The Most Dangerous Animal of All.”

Stewart also explained that his search began, not when he went looking for a serial killer, but when he went in search of his biological dad.

At some point in his search, a wanted sketch of the Zodiac Killer flashed on the screen of his television at home, drawing his young son’s attention.

“And he says hey, Dad, it’s you,” Stewart explained. “And I walked back to my office … where I had the only photo I’ve ever had of my father, which I was told was an old DMV photo. But it turned out to be his 1962 mug shot for his rape of my mother. And I said, ‘No, son, it’s not me. It’s my father.’ ”

That moment turned into a tireless search for evidence about his biological dad. Much of it, Stewart claims,  linked back to the Zodiac’s crimes.

The San Francisco Police said they could not comment about the Stewart’s claims since the unsolved case is still active, but like any other leads that might help solve the decades-old crime, they said the evidence is “certainly something our homicide investigators will take a look at.”

Stewart’s book, which chronicles his Zodiac theories, currently ranks #524 for books on Amazon, where it has received decidedly mixed reviews. Some are calling the book “rubbish” while others believe Stewart makes a credible case his biological dad is the killer.

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