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Meghan McCain: Even Jesus Could Not Have Saved My Dad’s Presidential Bid

Meghan McCain mostly sidestepped any trash talk about Sarah Palin during a television interview set to air on Ora.tv on Thursday. She did say though that even if Jesus had been in the second slot, her Dad’s presidential bid could not have been saved.

“I think my father could have had Jesus Christ as his running mate and it wouldn’t have mattered in ’07,” the 29-year-old Republican told Larry King.

Meghan also stressed that the media made things tougher for her dad’s Vice-Presidential choice and that she wished that the liberal media would have eased up a bit on the former Alaskan governor.

“I wish the media had been easier on her during that time, or at least more understanding,” Meghan said, appearing to have sympathy for the woman who even George W. Bush called ‘unqualified’ and responsible in some part for sinking McCain’s chances.

Then, after dishing on the pitfalls of having a Secret Service detail, which she called “very voyeuristic and … weirdly gossipy,” the McCain daughter saved her most vitriolic words for Karl Rove, who she demanded owes her dad and her family a huge apology.

During the 2000 GOP primaries, Meghan said Karl Rove was behind a mean-spirited tactic that targeted the McCain’s adopted daughter Bridget.

Ahead of the South Carolina primary, she said  Rove – then working for Bush – was the brains behind a telephone campaign that asked voters, “Would you be more or less likely to vote for John McCain if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child?”

That call may have cost McCain the South Carolina primary and as some pundits suggest, the primary bid.

“I hate Karl Rove and I think he still needs to apologize to my family, which he has not done for the things that happened in 2000,” Meghan told King and with good reason.

As it turns out, Bridget was actually born in Bangladesh and their mom brought her to the United States after she was abandoned and in serious need of medical care, making the political lie not only completely bogus, but one of the meanest ever since it targeted a once-orphaned little girl given a chance at a new life.

Meghan said as a result of that hurtful scandal,  she hopes Rove just takes his dirty politics and goes home for good. “I think there was an era where Karl Rove was relevant and I don’t know why people still give him attention,” she said to King showing her anger for the man who caused her family pain in the name of politics.

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