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After Epic Fail of Operation American Spring, Beck’s Fans Brand Him an Anti-Patriot

Operation American Spring did not work out as expected. Of the millions  promised to descend on Washington DC to demand the president’s ouster, only hundreds showed up.

In fact, so few showed that Right Wing Watch said the event, which featured a hate-filled speech by right-wing conspiracy theorist Jim Garrow, looked far more like a patriotic picnic than a forcible coup planning to take over the White House and prompt Obama to blow up all of DC with drones in order to stop its advances.

Among the usual scapegoats for the event, including the liberal media, Democrats, commies and Obama infiltrators,  one branded traitor of the event a bit of a surprise – conservative radio show host Glenn Beck.

Angry that The Blaze appeared to mock the few that showed, many disgruntled fans turned on Beck with vitriol under a Blaze article reporting low attendance for the rally/coup.

“Operation American Spring was BECKSTABBED and then TheBlaze has the nerve to mock them for low turnout,” one angry commenter screamed with his words. “Of course glenn [sic] did not endorse it, it wasn’t his PARTY,”another  responded, calling out the radio show host.

Yet another one accused the flag waving conservative of being a closest anti-American. “Of course, Beck is anti-patriot now. Pretty sad state of affairs when only a couple dozen people care enough to show up. A lot more people claimed to be going,” one former Beck fan wrote, apparently agreeing that Beck was to blame for so few real patriots showing up to take back America.

Even among the conservative stalwarts, though, not all were buying that Beck could have so much pull to drive millions away from the protest, radio show or not and said that those that blamed Beck needed to get a grip.

“You give Mr. Beck allot (sic) of credit here,” one dissenter wrote.  “Saying he is able to keep millions of folks away from something they at first thought worth going to but he and the Blaze changed their minds. BTW hows Your mind doing lately? Are you still in touch with reality?”


Photo Credit: Right Wing Watch

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