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Right-Wing Blogger on Santa Barbara Shooting Spree: ‘Your Dead Kids Don’t Trump My Right to Bear Arms’

Right-wing blogger Joe the Plumber aka Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher is sorry that college kids died on Friday at a crazed shooters hands. Not sad enough, though, to think it should change the country’s stance on gun control and the mentally ill.

Referring to the impassioned plea for gun control voiced by grieving dad Richard Martinez over the weekend, Joe the Plumber admitted feeling bad for the guy.

“I am sorry you lost your child. I myself have a son and daughter and the one thing I never want to go through is what you are going through now,” the blogger penned on the uber-right site Barbwire, seeming to show compassion for a man whose 20-year-old had just been gunned down.

“But, as harsh as this sounds – your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights.”

He then said that all Martinez did was to play into the ploys of the left, who will use this latest tragedy to try to erode the rights of all American people – and make good dads unable to protect their own kids.

“As a father, husband and a man, it is my responsibility to protect my family. I will stand up for that right vehemently,” Joe the Plumber continued, vowing to fight any measure that might take away his rights.

“Mr. Martinez and anyone calling for more restrictions on American’s rights need to back off and stop playing into the hands of the folks who merely capitalize on these horrific events for their own political ends,” Joe the Plumber continued in his open letter blog, opposing all efforts at gun control – even those only targeting keeping  guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.

Taking further aim at the sobbing, grieving father and the ‘liberal agenda’, he then alleged that the whole uproar was all just a leftist show to gain sympathy for the anti-gun cause.

“They don’t care about your family or  your dead children at all,” Joe the Plumber warned, something that given the immensity of Martinez’s loss and the genuineness of his tears seems patently untrue, whether you agree with the mourning dad or not.

“Don’t be fooled – I care about your family and mine,” Joe the Plumber then stressed, pointing out his pro-gun stance was the real family friendly way. “The future of our very liberty lies in the balance of this fight.”

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