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Right-Winger Demands Liberals are Using Transgender Rights as a Way to Rape Little Girls

Gordon Klingenschmitt has never really bothered with hard facts to back up his outrageous claims. Yet the court martialed Navy chaplain turned Christian radio host sunk to a new low recently when he accused liberals of trying to rape little girls because the courts recognized the right of a transgender student to use a bathroom corresponding with her gender.

“Transgenders’ want your children,” he wrote in a hate-filled email, according to Right Wing Watch. “Liberals demand public access to rape your girls, at least visually in public bathrooms, or to expose themselves to your girls at school, without parental consent or protection of any kind.”

His latest rant centered around a Maine Supreme Court ruling earlier this year that determined that a transgender 5th grader should be allowed to use the girls’ bathroom, despite being biologically a boy.

The Supreme Court’s decision, though, made it very clear that their ruling applied to the specific needs of a child who identifies solely as female and was not an invitation for others to gain access to the opposite sex bathrooms by claiming a temporary change of gender, something that could possibly lead to Klingenschmitt’s imagined trouble.

“[W]e do not suggest that any person could demand access to any school facility or program based solely on a self-declaration of gender identity or confusion without the plans developed in cooperation with the school and the accepted and respected diagnosis that are present in this case,” the decision clarified. “Our opinion must not be read to require schools to permit students casual access to any bathroom of their choice.”

This clarification, though, did not stop Klingenschmitt from telling Maine parents the liberal and transgender threat was so real, that they had no other choice but to pull their kids out of school entirely.

Maine parents should “immediately remove their children from public schools, and teach them at home,” the right-wing ranter demanded in the e-mail to his Pray in Jesus’ Name group, stressing that this latest infringement on Christian liberties is just another sign that soon Christians will be no “longer be permitted to operate a business that honors God and fulfills their owner’s mission to promote godliness in the marketplace.”

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