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Family Research Council Fellow: Demonic Forces are Behind Those Who Want to Keep Church and State Separate

The Family Research Council (FRC) has long mixed their fundamental brand of Christian values with politics.

Insisting that separation of church and state really means a  ‘one-way wall’ , the group demands that what Jefferson actually meant by separation of church and state is a barrier that allows the church – but not other faiths – to influence the government while ultimately forbidding the government to interfere in matters of the church.

This unique interpretation of Jefferson’s phrase also leads the FRC to encourage the injection of Christian values into all segments of American life, demanding  it is what the founding father and God would have wanted all along.

At last week’s FRC gathering of conservative pastors, however, Bishop E.W. Jackson, a former Virginia lieutenant governor nominee and current FRC fellow, upped the ante on the separation of church and state rhetoric even more, preaching that the FRC’s fight to was not only to impose the ‘one-way wall’ and engage in Christian political action, but to vanquish demons and engage in spiritual warfare with the enemies of God (ie atheists and the ACLU).

“When the Foundation For the Freedom From Religion and the ACLU goes around the country trying to stop prayer in city councils and school board meetings, trying to stop prayer at every public events — they are not simply human beings who disagree with us, it is demonic power moving to shut down the power of God that comes through prayer,” he said, stressing that what the groups opposing public prayer were really opposed to was unleashing the power of Christ in the country.

“There are people who want to fundamentally transform the nature of this country, who really do not believe that we are a providential nation,” Jackson preached on, assuring the room that there was no doubt America was meant to be Jesus’ nation and that those gathered in the room had the power to make it happen.

He concluded by calling on the pastors in the room to restore America to what it should be,  a nation based on Christian values  in which “All men are created – not evolved, but created – equal.”

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