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GOP Candidate Inadvertently Makes Best Pro-Immigration Argument Ever: ‘If Enough Immigrants Come, The GOP Will Go Extinct’

Drew Turiano is an outspoken opponent of immigrants rights and everything liberal. Yet, during a recent debate, he may have given Democrats one of the best reasons ever to support pro-immigration measures – it could potentially wipe out the GOP in just a decade.

“We should have a moratorium on all immigration to this country or — according to all the data — it will be the end of the Republican party and conservatism in ten years or less,” the Montana House candidate said.

He then explained exactly how he believed increasing the number of immigrants would kill conservatism in America.

“Most immigrants who come to America are big government people, so they’re going to support the party of big government — the Democrats. They’re not going to support the party of small government — the Republicans,” the candidate said.

Taking a jab at the White House, Turiano added that the lefty Democrats lure the immigrant vote with all those tempting welfare handouts they hand out so freely, assuring newcomers to America will be on their side.

“Mr. Obama and the Democrats give them free education, free health care, free welfare, free housing — free everything!,” he demanded. “Republicans cannot compete with that.”

Of course, it seems one thing Turiano may have forgotten to factor into his data (other than the fact that new immigrants hardly get everything free)  is that new immigrants must go through a lengthy naturalization process and because citizens before they can vote. Even then, once they have jumped through all the right hoops, it is no guarantee all immigrants will side with Democrats, as the pro-Republican rhetoric of Rafael Cruz, an immigrant AND conservative, clearly demonstrates.

Yet these pesky facts, did not stop Turiano from warning that if Republicans did not seal the borders immediately, soon Americans would be overrun with immigrants while the ‘Marxist’, ‘Maoists’, and of course God-haters of the liberal party will take over the country for good.

“American conservatives are looking at an extinction-level event in this country,” the anti-immigrant activist turned candidate told his potential constituents hopefully causing a run on pro-immigration signs. “Unless we place a moratorium on immigration right now. We’re looking at a political singularity — the annihilation of conservatism in this country in ten years or less!”

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