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Tom DeLay: America’s Next Spiritual Revival Will Bring People Back to God, the Constitution and the Republican Party

Tom DeLay is sounding more like a preacher than a politician these days, working hard to evangelize the American people to his message that God and politics do indeed mix.

In case you missed it, here is the gospel according to the former Republican House Leader and erstwhile money launderer.

“Jesus died for our freedom,” DeLay preached in October. “And Jesus destroyed Satan so that we could be free and that is manifested in what is called the Constitution of the United States. God created this nation and God created the Constitution; it is written on biblical principles.”

He later explained that understanding the Constitution as a divinely written document is essential for the nation’s ultimate salvation.

“The Constitution is based upon a higher authority. This government cannot exist in the future if we give that up and put man as the higher authority,” DeLay said during an interview with Matthew Hagee in February . “We need that higher authority and the truth that comes from that higher authority in order for us to survive. Otherwise we’ll find ourselves where we are where man gets to define what truth is and everything crumbles.”

Then. just this week, DeLay announced  all his preaching is finally paying off  – Americans are finally realizing it is the time to and eliminate godless liberal ideas such as same-sex marriage and abortion from our ‘God-ordained’ nation once and for all.

“People are finally understanding that they have got to bring God back into the mix of politics and what’s going on in the civil government,” the Republican boasted in a recent radio interview.

“I’m really seeing a spiritual revival, a constitutional revival, people may not know it or may not be able to articulate it, but they have a sense of what is right and what is truth and they’re grabbing a hold of that and they’re running with it,” he continued, adding that he is hopeful that his next Great Awakening will bring people back to God, the Constitution and the Republican Party.

Photo Credit: Tom DeLay/Congressional Photo


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