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Straw Poll Winner Ted Cruz Talks Gun Control, Soviet-Style Republicans at GOP Conference

Over the weekend, Senator Ted Cruz was trying hard to look like a viable Presidential candidate, maintaining a busy schedule at the Republican Leadership Conference and trying hard to prove he had a grasp on the issues that matter to his conservative audience.

Much of Cruz’s rhetoric during his three day campaign audition was simply a rehashing of expected party talk. During the prayer breakfast, for example, he told those among the conference goers willing to get up early enough, “If ever there has been a time for prayer, now is the time to pray,” before launching into a bash against Obamacare which he declared an “abomination”  that was “sold under false pretenses” to the American people.

He also hit upon conservative standards, making it clear he agrees with doing away with Common Core education standards, repealing Obama’s Affordable Care Act and praising party demi-god Ronald Reagan.

Despite the most recent mass shooting in Santa Barbara, Ted Cruz likewise made it obvious that he plans on campaigning for President on a platform that was opposed to any restrictions on gun ownership.

“In Texas and Louisiana we define gun control real simple,” he said. “Hit what you aim at.”

The firebrand Senator also tried to set himself apartment from other GOP hopefuls by making it clear he was not a Soviet-style candidate, like some of those in his party.

“You know, a lot of Republicans — it’s very odd — a lot of Republicans tend to have top down, Soviet-style campaigns,” Cruz told the press during the GOP gathering. On the other hand, he said he plans on running a more open campaign and one that would inspire people on his principles not his strong-fisted campaign control.

Although Cruz’s stumping made it clear he thought he was White House ready, something straw pollers agreed on, not everyone at the conference was impressed enough by Cruz to think that he should be running for election, especially given Cruz’s lack of experience.

“I don’t know he’s quite ready yet to be president,” Debbie McCord, one of the conference attendees said of the Texas senator, pointing out the mess the ‘inexperienced’ Obama has made.

It also shows the Tea Party has more work do do among his own party, even if he did manage to win the latest GOP straw poll at the conference, dubbing him a likely contender in the 2016 race.

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