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AFA Affiliate Accuses LGBT-Affirming Churches of ‘Spiritual Whoredom’

Churches that welcome and affirm all persons – including the LGBT community – are the vicars of Satan and traitors to God’s name according to Mark Creech of the American Family Association affiliate Christian Action League (CAL).

In a recent column posted in the Christian Post , Creech railed against the United Methodist congregations that have made the choice to be reconciling congregations and welcome all without regards to sexual preference into their fold.

He began by marking those congregations as “fifth column” churches, referring to a term for a traitor coined in the Spanish-American War and according to Creech, “someone who aids and assists the enemy from within.”

Then, skipping over the part of the Bible that encouraged all to love their neighbor and encouraging the faithful to consider their own sins before pointing out others, the former Southern Baptist pastor cited Romans 1 as proof of that the reconciling churches’ had turned to idolatry and now were riddled with a loss of traditional values and “spiritual whoredom.”

During his scripture-filled rant, the CAL executive director also commended those among the Methodist ranks who were willing to stand against seekers of acceptance for all and encouraged those opposed to LGBT rights to  “separate from those in their own ranks who do not hold fast to sound doctrine.”

He even offered advice on how to deal with these inclusion-seekers.

“Although I’m not a Methodist, I believe I can say with biblical authority that from what its leaders are saying, United Methodists are, unfortunately, dealing with all the symptoms of apostate members, who must either be disciplined unto repentance or be put out of the church, or, the church must separate itself from them,” he said, stirring the pot in an already contentious issue in the UMC.

Creech’s unsolicited outsider advice to the UMC, is of course, nothing new even among some Methodists but it does come at a time when the denomination is threatened more and more by such hard-line stances.

These stances will likely only further be inflamed by rhetoric like Baptist pastor Creech preaching, “if the city of God set high on a hill is to withstand the onslaughts of the Evil One to destroy it and its power to change the world, something has to be done to cordon off and separate from that ‘fifth column.'”

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