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Judge Orders Sovereign Citizen to Send Kid to School or Go to Jail

A Florida judge has ruled that a man who claims to be a sovereign citizen must send his kid to school or go to jail.

Joseph Rosa, who disavows US law and claims to be bound only by the rules of Common Law, has been arrested before on charges of obstruction of justice and driving without a license. In his most recent court appearance, he showed up in court in shackles and surrounded by sheriff’s deputies after he was arrested once again for failing to appear in court to answer to charges concerning his daughter’s truancy.

“I do not consent or assent to anything being done here,” said repeatedly during the bizarre  hearing. “I’m the executor of the state of Joseph Anthony Rosa. I demand immediate discharge of the state known as Joseph Anthony Rosa.”

Rosa’s daughter – now 8 years old – attended public school for kindergarten and first grade but has not been enrolled, or under an approved home school plan, since, despite repeated attempts by the school district to track her down.

Although Rosa does not feel bound by US laws and made it clear he would not participate in the hearing, Circuit Court Judge Anthony Tatti asked him to explain why his views should mean his daughter should be denied an education. Rosa did not answer.

In response, the judge ordered him to do what is right for the child or face jail time.

“I do not take this matter lightly,” Tatti told Rosa, who stared blankly during the proceedings. “You have deprived your child of the one thing that our government has been fairly good at doing, and that is offering an education to the children of this nation. It is her right, as far as I am concerned, to have an education, and you don’t have the right to deprive her of that. She will be in school.”

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