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Pat Robertson: Air Pollution is a Radical Liberal Fraud Perpetrated by Climate Worshippers

Pat Robertson is no fan of environmentalism or climate change talk. In fact, the notorious climate change denier thinks that  the great global warming lie “is high on the agenda of the radicals who want to destroy America,[but] it isn’t high on the agenda of those who really care about what goes on in life.”

On Tuesday’s 700 Club, though, the aging televangelist took his anti-environmental stance even further, demanding that the recent release of air pollution report by the Environmental Protection Agency is nothing more than a radical, liberal fraud perpetrated by climate worshippers.

“The inmates have taken over the asylum,” Robertson said, mocking a recent EPA report. “There seems to be no relationship to actual, on ground activity.”

The television preacher also took offense to any link between health issues and air pollution caused by factory smog.

According to EPA head Gina McCarthy the recent EPA report indicates “rising temperatures bring more smog, more asthma and longer allergy seasons.”

The just-released government document also stressed that “carbon pollution from power plants comes packaged with dangerous pollutants, like particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. And they put our children and our families at even more risk.”

To help keep Americans healthier, in conjunction with the report, the Obama administration has also announced a plan to cut power plant emissions by 30 percent by 2030 and are promoting the effort as a move to heal both America and the planet.

Robertson, though, wondered if Obama was tapping into some divine power, since only God can heal and Obama and his liberal cronies certainly could not help save the world by solving an ‘imaginary’ problem like air pollution and climate change.

He also warned his viewers that all this global warming talk is nothing more than a hoax perpetrated by “highly motivated zealots” within the Obama administration and the EPA who “worship the environment and worship climate,” instead of God.


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