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Right-Wing Rant: People are Hungry in India Because Their False Religion Preaches Vegetarianism

Apparently the cure for world hunger is eating more pig, or at least according to right-wing blogger Mark Creech.

The North Carolina head of the Christian Action League has been on quite an ‘advice’ streak recently. First, he declared churches that welcome the LGBT community are guilty of “spiritual whoredom” for not putting a disclaimer on loving their neighbor policy.

Now, the former Baptist pastor has declared he has an easy cure for hunger – convert everyone to meat-eating Christians.

After all, it is not grinding poverty that is the real problem in India according to Creech;  it is the fact they have been duped by the wrong faith.

“Though I do not mean to disparage that beautiful country, it cannot be denied the two prominent religions, Hinduism and Islam, hold the nation back,” he wrote in today’s Christian Post blog, clearly disparaging both the country and the people.

He then went on to explain exactly how both Hinduism and Islam have kept the people of India down-and-out, or at least according to him.

“Hinduism teaches that people who die come back as animals. There are plenty of cows and pigs that roam the streets freely, but no one will slaughter them, even if their child’s belly is bloated with malnutrition,” he said, claiming insider knowledge from his time there as a missionary.

Then, taking attack at Islam (and apparently ignoring Christianity’s own fatalistic streak) he continued, “For those who have embraced Islam, the fatalism of that religion stifles human progress by telling them Allah has fated all that there is and human initiative amounts to nothing. False religion has a stranglehold on their hope for a better future.”

Creech further concluded that the solution to the world’s problems was not a more equitable sharing of the world’s resources, but the conversion of all to Christianity so no one would be afraid of slaughtering pigs or held back by their predestination.

“Few people ever question why Western Civilization has experienced so much abundance in comparison to poorer nations around the world. The reason is inextricably connected to Christianity,” he declared, adding that the ways that Christianity has helped make the world richer are too plentiful to mention and hoping no one notices that some of the richest countries in the world are actually Muslim.

Photo Credit: João Almeida

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