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‘I’m NOT a Racist!’ Demands NY Woman Caught on Tape in Vulgar, Racist Rant

A New York woman was certainly sounding every bit like a racist when she dropped the n-word all over the place during a tirade in front of a Dollar General store.

According to the target of the rant – who caught the whole thing on tape – the woman’s foul-mouthed rant in front of her kids began after he started his car, sparking an altercation between the two.

“He’s got me on video tape and I’m still flipping the f*ck out,” she screams while apparently on the phone. “I called you a n*gger. You’re a n*gger! Nasty f*cking n*gger!”

She then proceeds to tell the man that the local police won’t help him because she has an ‘in’ with law enforcement in the area – she is a stripper.

“How many cops have I stripped for?” she raved. “You ain’t getting far b*tch.”

The insane woman then threatens to kill the man and throw her coffee on him.  “I will f*cking yank his *ss out of the car… He wants to put it on YouTube because he’s a racist, because he’s a racist ignorant n*gger!”

She also repeatedly told him her lawyers were involved.

Later, the woman, who was identified as Janelle Ambrosia, told the local news that she was just angry and when she dropped the n-word all over the place, she did not mean it in a racist way.

“He just pissed me off, I’m bipolar. Quite frankly, if you look it up, n*gger means an ignorant person. It has nothing to do with race,” the woman claimed.

She added though the things the man said were in fact racial slurs and no one seems to be blaming him. “But it’s OK for him to call me a cracker and a honky though? That’s racist.”

The vile woman then offered the worst half-hearted apology ever.

“I’m really not a racist, I was just pissed off,” she claimed through crocodile tears. “Am I supposed to apologize? Oh yeah, I’ll apologize for him almost him almost hitting my kids and losing my temper.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube


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