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Right-Wing Rant: If It Were Not For the Lapdog Media, There Would Have Been A Revolt Against Obama

Dinesh D’Souza once was the president of King’s College and a strident anti-Obama activist. That is, until the conservative got caught in a sex scandal and announced it was not his fault because he did not know cheating was not the Christian thing to do.

When caught getting engaged to another woman while still married to the first, he told Christianity Today, “he did not know that Christians generally do not approve of engagements prior to divorces being finalized.”

Now, two years later, D’Souza is back, and despite another scandal – this time over campaign funding – he apparently still has the ear of the traditional marriage and anti-Obama crowd.

During an appearance on the a conservative talk show today, D’Souza told host Janet Mefferd  that the government is no longer the servant of the people it is intended  to be and “we cower because we are afraid of what they can do to us if we dare to speak out.”

He also said that under normal circumstances the people would have revolted by now, but “there is something very strange, peculiar to Obama” that is holding Americans back.

That something peculiar is the American press, which has turned into ‘sycophantic, lapdog media’ and an extension of Obama’s press agents in order to brainwash the country’s people.

He continued that the free press, which is meant to scrutinize – not support – the government is what is wrong with the country today and has squashed the feeling of revolt in the country.

Perhaps that also explains the utter failure of Operation American Spring, which promised millions would turn up to oust the President, but only a few hundred showed.

Then again, D’Souza should have some solace in those that did bother to show clearly are have not been turned into Obama zombies by the ‘lame stream media.’

“The Obama administration is lawless, and we want him out,” said Carrie “Beth” Koncar, who came from Georgia to DC for the ‘uprising’ sounding very much like D’Souza’s chorus. “And basically that is the goal here, for the resignation of Obama, Biden, Pelosi. The Lord God is behind this, the Lord is the breath in this. He puts kings and kingdoms in their places, and he takes them down.”

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