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Open Carry Activists: Don’t Blame Us for Leaving a Loaded Gun in a Toy Aisle at Target

Last week, a South Carolina Target employee found a loaded gun perched on top of Playskool box in the toy aisle. Now Open Carry activists want to make it clear they are not to blame.

Immediately after the gun was found, many speculated that leaving a loaded weapon in easy reach of vulnerable kids in a toy aisle was not an accident. It was an intentional disaster waiting to happen.

“I don’t think someone would accidentally drop off a gun,” Target shopper  Kennedy McClain said. “I think he purposely left it there for a child to pick up and think, ‘Oh it’s a toy gun,’ and accidentally point it at somebody and it goes off.”

Police have reported that a suspicious man was seen mulling around the Target toy aisle shortly before the gun was found. They also said the 9 mm handgun had 8 live rounds inside and had not been reported stolen or missing prior to being left in the store.

C.J. Grisham, president of the group Open Carry Texas, wants to make it clear though, it was not one of his guys that left that handgun in the store.

In fact, he thinks crazed anti-gun activists are to blame.

“Target is currently in the crosshairs of gun control extremists who will stoop to [no] level too low to effectuate their agenda,” Grisham said, pointing the fingers at Moms Demand Action, who have launched a campaign to get Target to stop allowing guns in stores.

He also said while his open carry activists have no problem taking assault rifles into family stores, they would never hurt kids to prove their point.

“Our children are our most precious commodity and intentionally putting them in any kind of danger to exploit a personal agenda is deranged, sick and twisted.” the pro-gun activist stressed.

Moms Demand Action, however, say that Grisham is way off track to think the anti-gun group would pull a stunt like that.

“Only one organization has a history of bringing loaded guns into Target — it’s not us,” the spokeswoman for the group said.

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