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‘Abortion Barbie’ Poster Fight Continues: Davis Fights Back, Abbott Refuses to Apologize for Vile Ads

Conservative media has been gloating about the success of life-sized ‘Abortion Barbie’ posters meant to derail the Texas gubernatorial campaign of Wendy Davis.

Now, Davis has decided to fight back and penned an open letter calling for her supporters to sign a petition to show her opponent, Greg Abbott, just how offensive the posters – which feature a topless Barbie with a fetus inside her exposed stomach – truly are.

“True leaders just don’t promote and condone the brand of shameless attacks Greg Abbott has unleashed and refused to denounce in this campaign,” Davis wrote, adding that people might even be surprised he is from Texas given the vulgar posters that put her head on a nearly-naked Barbie-style body.

She also stressed that any man who is willing to degrade any woman – including his opponent – should not be the next governor of Texas.

“This is a politician who has embraced Ted Nugent, an admitted sexual predator of young girls. This is a politician who pays the women in his office less than the men for doing the same work and has repeatedly denied the necessity of equal pay for an equal day’s work even when women are earning almost $8,000 less than men a year on average,” she said pointing out that the vile Barbie ads are just the latest in a string of anti-woman stances for Abbott.  “This is a politician whose education plan for Texas is based in part on the work of a professor who actually thinks women have smaller brains than men.”

Despite backlash, Abbott has refused to denounce the posters, which appeared in Los Angeles while Davis was there,  pointing out that one of his supporters – not campaign money – was used to fund the anti-Davis ads.

Then again, his response should not be entirely surprising given the fact that the Republican nominee for governor is known for having his supporters do his dirty work and once even took to Twitter to thank a supporter for calling Wendy Davis something even more disgusting  than ‘Abortion Barbie’- ‘retard Barbie.’

Photo Credit: Huffington Post (Abortion Barbie posters in LA)

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