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Former Bush Official on Same Day as Las Vegas Attacks: ‘There is No Such Thing as a Threat of Far-Right Violence’

The far right does not pose any threat of violence, according to a former Bush official Horace Cooper. In fact, Cooper eerily claimed on the same day as the latest extremist attack,  there is no link to racism and the far right insurgents at all.

Taking to the air to mock the relaunched Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee, Cooper said that all that talk about far-right domestic terrorism in the wake of recent incidents is, in truth, just a smokescreen that justifies the denial of freedom of speech to those who oppose the Obama administration.’

He also said focusing on the false threat of far right terrorism actually makes Americans less safe.

“To shift the resources away from the threat that’s real to this theoretical problem is I think harmful to the safety of Americans and is more about a political agenda than it is in protecting Americans,” Cooper said.

The conservative also stressed to Sunday’s radio audience  that as far as he was concerned, any talk of a far-right threat is just a way to silence the right who oppose Obama’s point of view.

“It appears that there’s an attempt to marginalize people who hold views that are sharply different from those of the administration and much of the establishment,” he opined, unaware that as he said those words two gunman had decided to take matters in their own hands and were preparing to take innocent lives in Las Vegas.

In perhaps the most eerie moment of the broadcast, Cooper even insisted that there was no link between the insurgents (like those at the Bundy Ranch) and racists at all and those on the right were tired of people making that spurious link to make the right-wing look bad.

“We’re particularly bothered by the mixing together so-called domestic insurrectionists and racists,” Cooper stressed.  “There is simply no anti-black or anti-minority underground movement in America that is threatening in any way the stability of our government, the stability of our local governments, that is just a complete and total bogeyman.”

Of course that very day, Cooper would be proved when a man and a woman, who boasted about their ties to Bundy Ranch and handed out white supremacist propaganda in their community, tragically killed two police officers having lunch and then took a life a shopper before killing themselves in a self-declared ‘revolution’ against the federal government.

Cooper has not responded publicly to this attack.

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