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Libertarian Rant: Las Vegas Killers Were Heroes, Killing Cops Saves Lives

A libertarian gun activist has taken to his internet show to make the audacious claim that Jerad and Amanda Miller were the ‘real’ victims in the Las Vegas shooting and had every right to kill cops because cops are murderers.

The convicted felon also blasted the Southern Poverty Law Center for blaming him and other gun nuts like him for inspiring the rampage that took three lives – including 2 cops – in the first place.

“You’re not going to get away with it this time USA Today and SPLC,” Adam ‘the Man’  Kokesh demanded, railing against his brief mention and claiming the couple had shot up a pizza parlor and a Walmart because “authority has become a homicidal institution against freedom.”

He also said that the Millers were the real ‘victims’ who were simply responding to the threat that the police pose against freedom fighters.

“Let’s say someone is going around stabbing people, like just stabbing people,” Kokesh said, trying to make the case that shooting 2 cops having lunch is not murder. “It’s not murder to kill someone in that situation. And has been pointed out about the Vegas shooting, when you have police officers that are going around and doing violent things all day long, and then they take a break for lunch, well, it doesn’t mean all of the sudden they’re innocent or they’re being peaceful because they’re taking a break from all of their other anti-freedom, rights-violating violence.”

He then went so far as to suggest that the Millers were actually heroes because they saved lives by killing the ‘murderous’ cops.

“Think of how many lives might have been saved by this incident. How many people would these cops have killed had they not been killed?” he ranted. “We can only hope that some of the officers in America are listening — if you care about your own safety — to understand that you are hurting people, and you can only push them so far before they hit a breaking point.”

The SPLC, though, painted a much different image of Miller in the days leading up to the attack. Heavily influenced by patriot talk and the Bundy Ranch affair, Miller was a troubled young man who had several run-ins with the law in the days leading up to the Las Vegas shooting.

“Miller’s Facebook page made several references to recent tangles with the law, apparently over a marijuana conviction,” the SPLC reported. “He spoke of talking to a ‘fascist’ judge about the unfairness of the drug laws, and also of being sent back to jail, apparently after a failed drug screen, for seven weeks beginning in July 2013.”

He was also so far caught up in the anti-government talk, that he imagined that killing others would make him a real hero in the eyes of the Patriot movement – not just a hero in the mind of a deluded libertarian with an internet show – writing on Facebook a day before the attacks, “The dawn of a new day. May all of our coming sacrifices be worth it.”

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