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Rafael Cruz: God Has Sent Me on a Mission to Save America With an Army of Pastors

The outspoken stage dad of Senator Ted Cruz has more than just political ambition behind his feverish midterm election recruitment drive. According to Rafael Cruz, he is on a mission from God.

On Thursday, during a broadcast of ‘Life Today’ Cruz told host James Robison that God was the driving force behind his efforts to politicize conservative pastors and encourage them to preach politics from the pulpit.

“Without my moving a finger miraculously, God began to set up pastor conferences all over this country,” Cruz said, crediting God for his busy schedule. “Last year I did 11 pastor conferences; this year I’ll probably do at least 30.”

During these ‘miraculous’ speaking engagements, Cruz has been busy rallying pastors to the GOP cause and encouraging them to impose their Christian faith in every aspect of American society.

“The church should be influencing the media, should be influencing arts and entertainment, sports, education, business and, yes, government,” he preached recently to a room full of pastors gathered for the Family Research Council Watchman of the Wall conference.

He has also has instructed his conservative-leaning choir that the Bible tells them exactly who to vote for (hint- it it not liberals).

“And let me tell you, the Bible talks a lot about politics,”  Cruz said at a gathering of Massachusetts  pastors and conservatives by radio host Jeff Kuhner. “As a matter of fact, did you know that the Bible tells you exactly who to vote for? Very, very clearly the Bible tells you who to vote for.”

At one point, he told a room full of Texas pastors that in addition to God sending him out to preach to his flock, he was also there to hold them responsible for turning American back around and away from dangerous political correctness.

“Political corresctness is killing us,” the elder Cruz told the Texas clergy encouraging to speak out against people, especially the gay community.  “I speak to pastors all the time. You know, the Lord back in the beginning of this year, the Lord told me very, very clearly, ‘If there is one group of people that I hold responsible for what is happening in America it is the pastors.’”

Of course the goal of his God-ordered talk, according to Cruz, is to restore America to the Christian nation it is supposed to be, by bringing back “righteousness and the Word of God to this country,” and the Religious Right, he said on Thursday.

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