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GOP Candidate Inspired By Recent School Shooting to Raffle Off Guns to Raise Cash

GOP Congressional Candidate Clint Didier has a fool-proof plan for stopping school shooting – give people more guns.

Inspired by the recent tragic deaths in America’s schools, Washington candidate Didier, who is vying against Doc Hastings for the Republican nod for US House of Representatives in the state, has decided to hold a gun raffle to promote his candidacy.

“All these shootings are occurring at gun-free zones by individuals on some type of drugs with mental issues,” Didier told the local news. “The guns are not pulling the trigger, the people are pulling the trigger. These gun-free zones are enticing people to go to these areas to do these terrible deeds.”

Didier, an outspoken gun advocate, believes that arming regular citizens will actually prevent school attacks and that owning firearms is the only way to protect Constitutional liberties.

“There’s just an onslaught of pressure and movement against the Second Amendment, and we’ve got to stop it,” Didier said. “It’s No. 2 for a reason — to protect the other nine.”

On his campaign website, Didier promotes his website by encouraging all ‘freedom fighters’ to sign up for his mailing list in exchange for their chance to win a gun and embrace his freedom-loving values.

“That freedom must be nurtured, but it also must be defended.  In fact, it’s our duty and a God-given right,” his webpage reads. “The Second Amendment is the one that protects and guarantees all of our other freedoms.”

While it is unclear if Didier is breaking any campaign rules by enticing people to his site with the promise of free guns, according to Scott Boyce, campaign manager for Kennewick attorney George Cicotte, it is definitely dirty politics and ” it’s clearly a dark gray area if not crossing the line on campaign laws.”

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  • Thomas W. Yale

    There are so many logical flaws to Didier’s argument I simply do not know where to begin. It would be a waste of time to figure them all out and it would accomplish nothing.

    • Anon

      No… i’m pretty sure that there is a reason to have weapons. Defending yourself from psychos is one of them. If it comes from our constitution we have a right to it, especially guns. They are non-negotiable.

      • Thomas W. Yale

        Read my comment again. I never said there was no reason for weapons. I said there were flaws in his logic in his argument. For one, with regard to the psychos we’re to defend ourselves against, what if one or more them get the guns instead, and thus render more level-headed people as easy targets? Life has changed a lot since the Constitution was put into effect in 1789. Quite a few stores in the news about psychos that open fire on other people and sometimes kill themselves. Yet I have yet to read an article about someone who opens fire on the psycho before he shoots anyone. Also, I’m pretty competent on another point as well: the article clearly states that the guns are prizes in the raffle, and since prizes are not bought or sold, they are, of course, non-negotiable, I already understood that.