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Pat Robertson: ‘The Supreme Court Would Order Churches to Smash Jesus’ Image to Please the ACLU’

Televangelist Pat Robertson was hopping mad after the US Supreme Court ruled they would not hear an appeal on a lower court decision that declared that a public school graduation could not take place in an evangelical church.

According to the United States Court of Appeals, Seventh District, the choice of the graduation venue was not appropriate because “the environment was pervasively Christian, obviously aimed at nurturing Christian beliefs and gaining new adherents among those who set foot inside the church.”

Robertson used the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the appeal as an opportunity to vent his frustration during Tuesday’s 700 Club show, telling his listeners that US Supreme Court was ruining America and imposing their own non-Christian views on the nation.

“The American people wouldn’t have voted in homosexuality, but the courts did; the American people wouldn’t have voted in same-sex marriage, but the courts did; the American people wouldn’t have given up on the Ten Commandments and prayer in schools, but the courts insisted on it,” the 700 Club host said today, adamant that the courts were leading America astray.

In truth, Robertson needs to update his facts. 60 percent of Americans are okay with the idea of homosexuality. Over half of Americans now support same-sex marriage, and nearly 40 percent oppose prayer in public school, a number expected to grow since the majority of younger Americans do not think prayer and school should mix.

Yet, those pesky stats did not stop the televangelist from declaring SCOTUS a plague upon America that should be dealt with immediately since a few left-leaning judges were busy destroying the country that was founded on Biblical principles.

“A few unelected judges, just a few, have distorted the history of our nation to give us something that we never intended to have, and something has got to be done about it,” he told his television audience before declaring that the Supreme Court justices are so opposed to Christianity that they are likely to force the church to hide crosses and “smash out the stained glass windows that show Jesus so it won’t be offensive to the ACLU.”

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