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Doomsday Prepper Gives Up on Bloody Standoff in Exchange for Some Burgers

After spending two days on the lam, a Florida doomsday prepper gave up his plans for a bloody battle with police in exchange for some dry shoes and some cheeseburgers.

Martin Winters had run into the woods earlier this week to evade capture by federal agents attempting to arrest him on federal charges of designing and building destructive devices without a permit and other charges.

The head of a Christian-based doomsday group, River Otter Preppers, Wilson had long talked about an apocalyptic battle between group members and law enforcement and had readied for the battle with caches of weapons and lethal booby-traps surrounding his home.

Law enforcement officers feared that the arrest of Winters would trigger his last stand and issued a reward for information leading to his capture labeling him ‘armed and dangerous.’ However in the end, the self-avowed doomsday prepper, aided by his adult daughter, simply turned himself in.

“We’re glad to report that Mr. Winters did the right thing,” FBI spokesman David Couvertier said after a soggy and hungry Winters turned himself in for cheeseburgers, fries, Gatorade and dry shoes. “We were hoping for a peaceful resolution, and today we got that.”

After drying off, a chained Winters appeared in court for the first time, still wearing his camouflage, where he pleaded not guilty to the charges, which stemmed from an undercover investigation of the prepper group by federal agents that uncovered their violent plot.

His attorney, Ellis Faught tried to argue that Winters talk of a violent stand-off with police was just idle ranting, but the judge made it clear he was not buying it.

“This is not just talk,” the judge said in response, before ordering Winters held without bail. “There were, in fact, destructive devices found and sold.”

While Faught maintained his client’s innocence he acknowledged that if Winters had not decided to surrender things could have been much, much worse.

“It could have been a catastrophe had he not turned himself in,” Faught said, glad that his client while locked up is safe and sound.

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