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MN GOP Supreme Court Candidate Demands She Will Rule Based on God’s Law

A Bible-waving GOP candidate for the Minnesota Supreme Court won her party’s endorsement by declaring she will base her rulings on God’s law.

In a speech made at the Minnesota GOP convention on May 30, Michelle MacDonald promised to bring back the Bible to the state’s highest court.

“When judges used to enter the courtroom they would hold a Bible over their head,” she said to a round of applause. “In the words of George Washington it is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.”

Unfortunately, MacDonald should have probably spent a few minutes googling before using the founding father’s words to back up her Bible-thumping position. As it turns out, Washington never said that at all.

Of course, as the GOP would soon realize, the Supreme Court candidate had much bigger problems than misquoting the first President in her speech. MacDonald is due in court in September to face charges in a DWI arrest.

MacDonald now insists the GOP committee members knew about her arrest before she made the speech on the convention floor.

“When I was being interviewed [by committee members] they were saying this is a good thing because I’ve experienced what people are experiencing on a daily basis,” MacDonald said. “I just never thought this would happen and I’m sucked into a system. Why am I even having to bother with a case where I’ve had zero alcohol, and why am I being asked to go to a trial where they cannot prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt?”

State Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey, however, said that is simply not true.

“None of us, including the convention delegates, were aware of this information about the candidate,” Downey said. “She, of course, is innocent until proven guilty, but at the same time, the delegates did not have the full disclosure they should have.”

Whether or not the delegates actually knew they were voting for someone with a DWI bust remains unclear, but it is obvious her Bible-waving speech swayed many delegates in her favor.

Shortly after giving her 400-word speech, over 2000 delegates voted to endorse her as their candidate for the Supreme Court.

For her part, MacDonald has no intention of stepping down from the race despite the growing controversy over her past coming from both the right and the left.

Instead, she called the GOP convention an “awesome experience” and said that running for Supreme Court has always been an aspiration of hers and one she still intends to pursue.

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