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Republican on Marriage Equality: ‘Be a Real Man! Women are Desperately Looking for a Husband’

On Thursday morning, Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp spoke at a rally opposing gay marriage laws in Washington DC.

Standing at the podium flanked by children on both sides, the Kansas GOP Congressman told the ‘March of Marriage’ crowd that the gay marriage ‘crisis’ could all be over if guys would just be willing to be ‘real’ men once again.

“[Women are] desperately looking for a husband. They’re desperately looking for a father,” Huelskamp advised the marchers. “Be a real man of God because this is about you. Marriage is about you and your wife and your children.”

Then after bragging that he had been married for 20 years, he encouraged all men to somehow protect their heterosexual wives by opposing gay marriage. “Your woman, your wife, she needs you,” he preached to the cheers of the anti-gay marriage choir.  “It’s time you become a real man and stand up [against marriage equality].”

Also present at the rally was former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum who told those in attendance that the day was not about anti-gay hate but, “This is a movement based in love, for what’s best for children and families in America. It’s important for us to first reclaim the institution of marriage.”

Yet in a march day filled with extreme rhetoric, anti-gay signs and non-sequitors, Huelskamp and Santorum’s speeches paled in comparison to the words of state Senator Ruben Diaz, who bused in participants from New York with the promise of a free trip to DC to hear him announce that Satan had taken over the public schools.

Addressing the crowds in Spanish, the New York conservative declared to the marchers that once prayer was taken out of public schools it left a void for crime, disobedience and demons to take its place.

As a result Satan was now in charge of public schools, Diaz warned, somehow ultimately tying Satan in the schools to marriage equality by declaring that just as those gathered at the rally have fought to get evil out of the schools, they should also fight to get evil out of marriage by making sure only one man and one woman could be legally wed.



Photo Credit: Equality Matters (Photo from Rally)


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