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Columnist’s Response to New College Rape Rules: Feminism is Turning Women into Sluts, Men into Useless Victims

In a recently published essay, a right-wing columnist has defended Bob Unruh’s article opposing Obama’s call for stricter rape rules on college campuses by blaming feminism for turning women into sluts and men into useless victims.

While claiming she is not going to talk about the changing definition of rape directly, WND columnist Patrice Lewis made it clear that if women would just act like women, rape on campus  would likely not be a problem in the first place.

“Feminism has poisoned women against their biological inheritance as nurturers and child-bearers,” the columnist, who has also advised women to submit to her husbands wrote.  “To be feminine is now anathema to a feminist. To embrace being a wife and mother is betraying the sisterhood. To like men – to genuinely appreciate manly qualities – is tantamount to heresy.”

Even more provocatively, Lewis claimed that feminism has turned women into over-sexed aggressors willing to ‘ruin’ men’s lives at-will.

“This whole mess has resulted in two things. Women, having been taught that they can ‘Do It All’, have become promiscuous, contemptuous of men and scornful of homemaking,” Lewis demanded. “Men, having been taught that they are useless and unnecessary, have become promiscuous, contemptuous of women and reluctant to take on the responsibilities of providing for a family.”

Drunk on power, she continued, most women are now far too willing to cry out ‘rape’ or take away men’s kids for their own satisfaction.

“Bluntly put, a man’s life can be ruined by women,” she said. “A woman can remove his beloved children from his care; she can have him jailed with an unsubstantiated accusation of rape; she can ruin his career by crying harassment because he ‘looked at her sexually.'”

Lewis then suggested that only those who have embraced traditional family values will survive the  eventual destruction of society by feminists.

Unfortunately for Lewis, however, women crying out for justice against their rapists are not all feminists and the problem of rape on campuses has touched even the most religious ‘family value’ campuses in America.

After three decades, women at fundamental Bob Jones University are just now beginning to speak out against the men who raped them, after years of being told they only had themselves to blame and talking publicly would only hurt their reputations as good, Christian women.

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