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Obama: Women Vote Democratic Because They are Smarter

On Monday, President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden played host to a group of economists, labor leaders and women’s advocates for the White House Summit on Working Families.

Yet, while most of the talk centered around the Democratic platform of raising minimum wage, paid maternity leave, flexibility in the workplace and affordable childcare, Obama also managed to charm the crowd with some personal stories and zingers, calling women smarter and discussing his love of fatherhood and babies.

At the end of his speech at the Summit which focused largely on helping women in the workplace, Obama could not help but tell the story of why more women vote for Democrats.

“Somebody asked: ‘Well, it’s well-known that women are more likely to vote for Democrats,’”the President said, “to which I said, women are smarter.” He then emphasized his point by telling the crowd, “This is true.”

At an event underscoring the needs of working families, he also made it clear he had done his share of late-night wake-ups with his own girls and still loved to hold babies.

“People ask me what do I love most about being president,” he told the Summit crowd. “And it’s true, Air Force One is on the list. The Truman Balcony has a really nice view. But one of the best perks about being president is anybody will hand you their baby.”

“So I get this baby fix, like, two or three times a week,” the president smiled before driving home the message that he is a Dad too. “But the reason it’s so powerful is because I remember taking the night shift when Malia was born and when Sasha was born, and being up at 2:00 in the morning and changing diapers and burping them and, uh . . . and singing to them and reading them stories.”

Getting back on point, he concluded that it is because he is a Dad that he wants other families – like his – to have the chance to lead better lives.

“I want every father and every child to have that opportunity,” Obama stressed.  “But that requires a society that makes it easier for us to give folks that opportunity.”

Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson

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