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Prominent Republican: Ted Cruz Sounds Like a Racist and is Just Plain Wrong on Same-Sex Marriage

A prominent Republican lawyer has challenged Ted Cruz’s hard-line stance on same-sex marriage, demanding it smacks of racism and discrimination.

In a recent interview with The Agenda host Ari Rabin-Havt, former Bush solicitor-general Ted Olson called out Cruz’s views and said the Senator and his big mouth are hurting – not helping – the Republican Party with his hateful rhetoric and insistence that marriage is under assault.

It’s the same sort of thing that people said forty-some years ago when the Supreme Court overturned the laws of 17 states, supported by two-thirds of the population of the United States, that made it a felony to marry someone of a different race,” Olson said.

He then pointed out that before Loving v. Virginia, the marriage of many Americans, including Obama’s own parents were deemed illegal.

Olson further added that Ted Cruz simply does not get the fact that he is spouting the same biased language and arguments used to oppose interracial marriage in the past, language that now regarded as racist and wrong.

 “It’s a sad thing when people don’t understand that the people cannot vote away the rights of minorities, that people cannot engraft into their constitution provisions that discriminate against a segment of our society — whether that be persons of a particular race or nationality, or laws that discriminate against women,” Olson said.

The Republican lawyer also noted any law based on discrimination must ultimately be struck down, something that the Supreme Court has done hundreds of time before and should continue to do in the case of same-sex marriage.

“Ted Cruz is just plain wrong,” the prominent Republican concluded, hoping that others will see the Republican Party is going in a bad direction if it is taking its cues from Ted Cruz.  “It’s unfortunate because that is not and should not be the future of the Republican Party.”

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