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Fox’s Jeanine Pirro to Obama: You Don’t Have the Balls to Deal With Terrorists

Buzzfeed wondered if Jeanine Pirro’s anti-Obama rant over the weekend was truly “the craziest rant a Fox News host has ever done.” Yet, while there are so many contenders for that dubious title, making the race too close to call, it is clear that Pirro does not like Obama or terrorists but she really, really likes the idea of fearmongering and dropping bombs.

On Saturday, the Fox host lashed out against President Obama and his handling of foreign policy, terrorists and especially Iraq.

“The truth: there has been a 60% increase in radical Islamist terrorism since you’ve been in office,” she said speaking directly to the White House. “And you just keep letting these guys out- like the Bergdahl trade and the five terrorists that you didn’t have the balls to try in Gitmo or federal court. You are simply clueless, a paper tiger who only knows how to cut and run.”

First of all, it is not entirely clear where Pirro’s ‘truth’ comes from but the supposed 60 percent increase is not a real Obama administration stat. The closest Huffington Post could find to back up these figures was a report on North Africa and that rise cannot easily be attributed to Obama at all.

Further, in case you’re wondering, Obama’s soft stance on terrorists is not completely true either. Bush actually released far more detainees than Obama ever has.

Of course, facts do not seem to really be an issue for Pirro since she then cited a widely-denounced fearmongering WND ‘exclusive’ as evidence that both Obama and Hillary Cinton have bungled things up so badly that they essentially trained and funded the troops that will attack America and put all of us at risk.

“It’s your feckless, weak foreign policy on the world stage that is creating a danger zone for all Americans. You and Hillary armed and trained terrorists and gave them true battlefield experience and then you did a cut-and-run in Libya and Iraq leaving our weapons behind,” the television judge continued. “The irony, Mr. President, is that it will be with our taxpayer-funded weapons that they will be coming for us.”

Pirro then offered up her own solution to the ISIS problem, simply wipe them and all the Iraqi citizens around them off the planet.

“My solution: air strikes. Bomb them! Bomb them, keep bombing them, bomb them again and again and I don’t care how long it takes; just take out ISIS,” she yelled making it clear that, thanks to Obama,  this is truly a life and death battle of us versus them.


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