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Pat Robertson Advice Round-Up: Tattoos are a Sin, Sell Your Demon-Infested House

Things have been pretty quiet lately at the 700 Club. Despite recent pronouncements condemning the Supreme Court for trying to destroy churches and declaring air pollution a fraud, aging televangelist Pat Robertson has not been making as many political waves lately.

Yet that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had a lot to say on his daily 700 Club broadcast, especially when it comes to giving advice to his viewers.

On Wednesday’s broadcast, for example, Robertson informed his viewers that having a tattoo was just not okay with God.

“Tattooing is a heathen practice, it is not a Christian practice, to mar the body that [God] gave you,” the television preacher told a viewer who had written in to the show seeking his advice on whether or not getting a Jesus tattoo was a sin. “And you see people that have gone crazy on this, and their bodies are just filled with these things.”

He added that no matter what was etched on the body, it was still not the Christian thing to do.

“It doesn’t make it okay because it’s religious, believe me,” Robertson asserted, much to the dismay of a growing number of mostly young Christians.  “I mean, it could be a tattoo of some hoochie-cooch girl… it doesn’t really make any difference.”

Yet while Robertson’s advice on tattoos is standard fundamental fare especially among the older set, the television pastor also strayed into spookier waters when he advised a woman this week to sell her haunted home.

Worried about the fact that “doors open and close on their own, we can’t find something and then it appears, and things fall off shelves without reason,” the viewer asked Robertson what she should do about her haunted home.

The preacher responded by advising the woman that when it came to demon-infestations, the best thing you could do was sell.

“Run to the nearest realtor, put it on the market, cut the price in half and get out,” he told the concerned house owner seemingly believing her spooky tale. “Get out! Why live in a haunted house?”


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