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GOP Solution for Homelessness: Give Them a Bus Ticket Out of Town

A GOP Councilwoman outlined the problem with homelessness programs across the country. They are just too focused on finding people homes.

Outraged that taxpayer money was being used to help people get back on their feet, Colorado Springs Councilwoman Helen Collins suggested the best solution for homelessness was to simply give them a bus ticket and ship them back to wherever they came from in the first place.

“A lot of the homeless, the best way to get rid of the homeless is to give them a bus ticket back to their families,” she demanded. “This isn’t even taken into consideration. It’s like the taxpayer has to fund the homeless for housing.”

She then continued by insisting that if you build low-income housing, they are just going to ruin it anyhow and then waste more taxpayer money when they move someplace else.

“They go into a low-income housing area,” Collins continued. “They drag it down and then they move on to the next new low-income housing facility.”

A fellow City Councilwoman  Jill Gaebler countered that the issue on the table was the utilization of a federal block grant and the program was not intended to only give them a place to live but also “figure out what’s going on in their lives, addressing their mental illness, and assessing what they can do to begin their healthy lives.”

A homeless Colorado Springs resident in the audience also reacted to Collins shocking plan by saying that Collins is characterizing homeless people all wrong.

“A lot these people have jobs, make money, but still cannot afford a place to live,” Lindsay Deen pointed out, stressing that most homeless were hardly deadbeats trying to live off the taxpayer’s dole despite what Collins thought.

Their arguments, however, did little to change Collins mind.

“I just don’t think that’s right for the taxpayer,” Collins concluded, still convinced the best solution for homelessness was to bus them out of town and “make them work.”

Photo Credit: Colorado Springs Gazette

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  • Sieben713

    Helen enjoys volunteering for charity and church work,, How do you spell “HYPOCRITE”?

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  • Richard Altman

    The GOP — God-fearing hypocrites that they are — believe that God helps those who help themselves and if God doesn’t see fit to help with your homelessness, poverty or illness who are we to interfere. Meantime they help themselves to as much as the system can be bilked for.

  • Cindy Kaes Neal

    Why do all the morons seem to be on the Elephant’s side? No kindness or empathy or humane solutions to be found. You are just putting them on a bus to be someone else’s problem. Perhaps we should just gather them up and put them in a confined area in the desert like we did with the Japanese in the ’40s.

  • Robert J Bartley

    Guess being so ugly has made her a bitter shriveled up old woman.

  • David William Rutledge

    Odd physical resemblance to a sow.

  • Debra Ranson

    Christians….the most hateful group of people ever!!!!!

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    Hey isn’t that John Goodman?