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Birth Control and Abortion are the Real War on Women? This Right-to-Lifer Thinks So

Joy Pinto runs a pro-life crisis pregnancy center in Birmingham, Alabama. She also thinks abortion and birth control come from the ‘pit of hell.’

Claiming it is the liberals who distort the truth, Pinto told the National Right to Life Convention audience this week that the real victims of the war on women are those who enter her counseling office each day.

Calling her pregnancy center clients the “wreckage of humanity,” she said that as a counselor she witnesses first-hand each day what can happen when women have the freedom to choose.

These women who come for help are broken, she told the right-to-life crowd because “they have bitten the apple, they have believed the lie” that the Obama government and even some ‘wrong-minded’ churches are telling them.

That lie, is of course, the message that contraception and abortions should be a personal choice and decision, not dictated by another person’s faith.

To illustrate her point, she then painted the rather dubious picture of one of her clients who, according to Pinto, was married but kept sleeping around because she knew she could take the morning after pill day after day.

According to her tale, for a number of nights, the client hopped from bed to bed, waking up and going to the pharmacy to get Plan-B (at around $30-$50 a pop) and then ended up at an abortion clinic just to make sure she was not pregnant. Of course, Pinto’s client just so happens to fit very neatly into the conservative narrative that women who need contraceptive must be sluts, something that has been proven time and again not to be the case.

In fact, a Washington University study found access to birth control actually decreased the number of sex partners and the need for emergency measures such as Plan-B for many women and actually “reduced rates of unintended pregnancy, abortions, repeat abortions and teenage pregnancies,” not sparked their use or abuse.

Yet, Pinto remained resolute that the real war on woman was waged by those who seek to make birth control and abortion available to women in the first place.

“There is a war on women but we are not waging it, it is coming from the pit of hell,” she preached, claiming that liberals were now tempting women with an apple, just like the snake had in the Garden of Eden.

“It’s the same lie. It’s the same war.” she warned the crowd linking abortion and contraception to the biblical fruit that caused humanity’s fall.  “And its not just on women, its on humanity.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot of Pinto


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