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Republicans Can Be Funny Too! Gohmert Photobombs Fellow GOPer During Fox Interview

Rep. Louis Gohmert’s antics on Capitol Hill are usually no laughing matter. This week, however, the Texas Republican showed that even the most stalwart of the GOP can have a sense of humor once in a while too.

After seeing his serious-faced GOP colleague Rep. James Lankford giving a interview for Fox News, Gohmert walked up behind the unsuspecting Congressman and photobombed him on live television.

Lankford, never skipping a beat, simply carried on the interview touting his nomination for an open U.S. Senate seat in Oklahoma and promoting the IRS e-mail scandal, acting as if it was perfectly normal that a fellow member of Congress would feel the need to temporarily hog his spotlight.

Then the next day, Gohmert appeared on Fox News in an equally light-hearted interview to explain why he felt the need to interrupt his friend’s interview in the first place.

“Well you know, I originally thought maybe I’d victimize James, he’s a friend but then I realized after talking to my Democratic colleague I’m the real victim here,” he said, not able to resist the opportunity to reference the alleged missing e-mail scandal that Gohmert and many other GOPers have been outraged about lately.

He also proclaimed his innocence for his photobomb ‘attack’ due to the tough conditions in and around Capitol Hill that he was forced to endure.

“There wasn’t any wrongdoing on my part. I was the victim of the environment I’ve had to live and work in in Washington,” he joked, ‘defending’ himself against his Republican-on-Republican crime.

For those that did not believe his victimization spiel, he offered an alternative explanation, “Or if you don’t buy that, we can relate to the old Flip Wilson, the late great, saying, ‘The devil made me do it,’”

For the record, Lankford seemed to find the whole thing hilarious, even tweeting the incident with the tag, ‘#Gohmertbombed.’

Photo Credit: YouTube/RepLankford

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