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Even Fox News Thinks Michele Bachmann Should Stop Finger-Pointing and ‘Just Do Something’ to Help the Country Instead

Even Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto doesn’t think Michele Bachmann’s support of  a lawsuit against President Barack Obama is right. In fact, Cavuto told Bachmann on the air this week that it was an “enormous waste of effort” to sue Obama and perhaps the Congresswoman’s and others supporters’ time would be better spent doing something productive in Congress for a change.

On Wednesday, a Fox interview with the conservative congresswoman quickly turned testy after Bachmann told Cavuto that the “American people are absolutely outraged” that Obama has abused the power of his office by issuing so many executive orders (as of February, Obama’s tally is actually fewer than all but one President since WWII).

She also stressed the Boehner-filed lawsuit – while a long-shot – is the right thing to do because it was the will of the American people fed up by Obama’s tyranny.

“You just said it, congresswoman, we might not get anywhere,” a frustrated Cavuto exclaimed, cutting Bachmann off. “Maybe Republicans are within their rights, maybe the president is within his rights….”

Cavuto then suggested to Bachmann that perhaps a better solution to America’s frustration was to stop all the finger-pointing “and just do something” rather than drag Obama to court and waste a whole lot of time and money while “Rome is burning.”

He also accused Bachmann and her cronies of partisan politicking and being downright ‘silly’.

“Where was your rage when Democrats were going after President Bush on the same use of executive orders,” the Fox anchor demanded, “because I think you knew then that that was a waste of time then and I think you know in your heart of hearts this is a waste of time now.”

In response, Bachmann said she has been outraged since the inauguration about Obama’s abuse of power and said her solution to putting Obama in his place is to defund the entire executive branch.

“Think about what you’re saying,” Cavuto scolded, again interrupting Bachmann. “Defund the executive branch? Congresswoman! If Democrats had said to you, ‘we’re going to defund President Bush,’ you would have laughed at them.”

After the segment dissolved into a shouting match, a visibly irritated Cavuto finally exploded, “Oh man, oh man, oh, man…Rome’s burning and you’re filing [a lawsuit against Obama],” before cutting off Bachmann’s retort for a commercial break.

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