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Open Carry Gone Too Far: 4 Arrested for Menacing after Posting Hate-Filled Protest on YouTube

Four open carry activists have warrants out for their arrest in Ohio after they posted their protest on YouTube.

The video shows the four young activists walking through a Cincinnati neighborhood of East Price Hill carrying assault rifles and spouting vulgar hate.

“Broad day, you see this? Walking down the street with a AR-15,” the protester behind the camera says amid a barrage of profanities and racial slurs.

At one point, the foursome encounter a police officer who tells them that he disagrees with what they are doing, but lets them go on their way admitting they have the right to be stupid and vulgar if they wish.

“Like you said, it’s your right to do that, it makes no sense to me I mean, unless you just want attention and us to stop you and ask you,” an officer says. “I just don’t understand it, that’s all. I’ve seen enough of these YouTube videos where everybody just tries to get the cop to stop them.”

Declaring it a victory for the 2nd Amendment, one man in the video shouts, “Open carry in the state of Ohio, the cops can’t do nothing.”

A bit later, one of the protesters, identified as Jesse Deboard, 23,  asks if his video audience “still want that drama, though,” and then proceeds to accost a group of black men.

“This is going on YouTube, n*gga, world star,” Deboard shouts to the men.

While the activists may have not gotten the ‘YouTube worthy’ reaction they wanted from the police or from slinging slurs at passersby, after reviewing the video being spread around the internet and broadcast in part on the local news, police decided that the four activists had gone too far.

Deboard, who has been in trouble before. is now behind bars on charges of stalking with menacing and the violation of a protection order. Warrants have also been filed on the three other people seen in the video, one of which is currently in custody.

Deboard remains on jail on $25,000 bond.

The YouTube video has since been deleted.

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