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Fed Up! Mississippi GOP Chairman Turns Democrat, Sick of Tea Party Politics

The head of the Mississippi Federation of College Republicans (MFCR) has decided to flee his own party just to get away from the extreme Tea Party politics.

According to the young party leader Evan Alvarez, the Tea Party has hijacked the GOP and “because of that, the platform of the Republican Party has shifted too far to the right in my opinion.”

Alvarez’s resignation was sparked by an incident when one of the MFCR members had used the name of the group in support of Chris McDaniel in a series of robocalls leading up to the primaries, a violation of GOP rules.

This angered the Tea Party crowd who thought their candidate was placed at a disadvantage because of the error and they showed up to a MFCR board meeting about disciplining the junior college student and started a ruckus, calling the student ‘ignorant’ and eventually forcing the meeting of young college leaders to be postponed.

For Alvarez, this hostile takeover and bullying of the young student behind the mistake was just too much.

“When I ran for Chairman in the spring, I ran to be Chairman of the Mississippi Federation of College REPUBLICANS, not the Mississippi Federation of College ‘Tea Partiers,’” Alvarez wrote in his resignation letter adding that the “hatred and cruel words and actions of the far right extremists” would continue to hurt “women, African Americans, Hispanics, and other minorities in our country” unless they were stopped.

The college leader also blamed non-Tea Party Republicans for not standing up to the Tea Party crowd. “I believe that the Republican Party has allowed these groups of extremist to have too much of a voice,” he said once again stressing that such extremism is not good for the GOP.

He also said he plans to continue politics but as a Democrat.

“After that whole event [about the robocall] and a lot of thought up to now, I am leaving my position in the organization and have begun to speak to members of the Mississippi Democratic Party and will be changing my party affiliation to Democrat in the next few days,” the young leader concluded.

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