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KKK Rally at Gettysburg National Park Preaches an All-White Revolution, Onlookers Unimpressed

On Saturday, members of a Maryland-based Traditional Rebel Knights of the Ku Klux Klan group held a rally at Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania.

From a fenced off location within the park, hooded speaker after speaker spewed their hate and the need for America to return to an all-white nation.

“The only solution is an all-white revolution,” one Klansman preached to the scant white pride choir.

Another threatened any homosexual, immigrant, African-American, Jew, liberal or anyone else that might get in their way with death.

“We are taking back this land,” the Klansman shouted. “Anyone stands in our way, they’re going in the ground.”

The event was intended to be a recruitment rally and protest against Obamacare and the group filed the right permits to exercise their First Amendment rights within in public park.

In the end, though, the rally drew few spectators, with an average of 10-40 people looking on throughout the day, as well as some hecklers and onlookers who watched  from beyond the fence.

Throughout the day, those who bothered to stop and gawk at the spectacle were largely unimpressed.  One was reportedly overhead saying, “They’re dumber than I thought,” while another said “I thought Halloween was over.”

A few even shouted profanities at KKK, calling them terrorists and encouraging them to go home.

One speaker, responding to the heckling shot back, “We are not a terrorist hate group” before continuing his message of hate from the fenced-in stage.

Nearby, a much larger group gathered to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

At the unity rally, Jorge Perez-Rico said that the KKK had the right to gather just like the unity group did but believed it was important that their more peaceful message of love and inclusion was heard as well.

“Everyone has a right to demonstrate their thoughts,” he said, “But I really want to show we are for diversity and peace.”

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