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Klansman Explains His White Christian ‘Faith’: Jesus Loves Everyone, He Just Doesn’t Want Blacks and Whites to Mix

William Walters got kicked off his Pennsylvania town watch recently when he was caught passing out Ku Klux Klan recruitment fliers while on the job. He doesn’t want people to think he hates black folk though.

In a recent interview with Fox Radio, the member of the East Coast Knights of the True Invisible Empire explained that some of his best friends were black and his white supremacist views are all just part of his white Christian ‘faith’ that he and his hooded buddies happen to share.

“My best friends are black, but they don’t belong to our organization,” he explained to host Alan Colmes. “We don’t believe they should have any relationship, we don’t believe in mixed races. It’s common sense. If you look at the animal species, let’s just say. You don’t see a rabbit going with a squirrel.”

When Colmes asked Walters if he was aware black people and white people happen to be the same species (unlike rabbits and squirrels), Walter admitted that this was true, but it still did not make race-mixing okay.

“(Obama) would ask his parents, ‘Well, what am I, black or white?’” Walters said, seeming to think that ‘both’ was not an acceptable answer and would leave kids feeling ‘mixed-up.’

He added that this racial purity was actually better for the kids in the long run because having multiple heritages to draw strength from was just confusing and mean. “There should be a difference between black and black and white and white,” he stressed. “A child gets raised up, he gets teased in school, he doesn’t know what to be proud of – black or white. Everybody should be proud of their heritage.”

Then when Colmes asked him how his ‘white Christian organization’ could profess to be followers of Jesus when Jesus was not white, Walter seemed surprised.

“I did not know that,” he admitted to the host and then said, after a long pause, “he’s not black, either.”

He also conceded Jesus “preached love” but seemed to think that did not interfere with his group’s ‘Christian’ message of white purity.

“The reason why we say white Christian is because we’re promoting to keep our race pure,” Walters explained. “The Christian purity would be, we’re against homosexuality, we’re against white-black (relationships).”

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  • Mason Young

    But Red Squirrels, and Grey Squirrels mix…and Black Squirrels too.
    Same with Rabbits…they mix with other colored Rabbits…and yeah…they don’t mess with the Squirrels.
    Because they’re a different species…
    We’re all one…unless you believe otherwise…
    then…we’re not.
    It’s up to you, and what you believe.

  • Sieben713

    To use the name of God in his RACIST comment is Pathetic

  • Kato


    Klansman can I got Jesus number so I may ask him that question myself 🙂

  • glogrrl
  • firsthand white

    These ppl are stupid sick if they knew what God wanted they
    would be on their knees 24/7. we are all equal in his eyes and they
    honestly think this country Gods country was made for them u better
    think again

  • Ed Goldsborough

    Pure ignorance, I feel sorry for him. This bigotry is learned behavior passed down. Education is beautiful. You learn some interesting stuff, such as race and ethnicity were socially constructed to serve a purpose. In short, research discovered one species and that’s home-sapiens, which originated in Africa and spread across the earth.

  • Ed Goldsborough

    One has to beg the question of rather or not there are truly pure whites, blacks or Asia’s and latin.
    I am multi ethnic I am of Wasp descent, Irish, my great great great grandmother was a slave in stokes county NC. She gave birth to eight sons and daughters , the father was her slave master.in this same tree we are the person’s known as Malungeon from applachia.

  • Ed Goldsborough

    I want to be with some that is caring and has the same interests as I’do. Look my profile picture. What do you see? I see a person that lives each day as if it his last and treats everyone he come in contact with respect..

  • Angela Monger

    My mother is French and my father is Native American. I am quite happy with who I am and to be of two different cultures. This guy is an idiot.